Saturday, February 9, 2013

In Which I Share Some Poetry


I have recently come to two conclusions concerning my blog. The first one is, I would like to blog more than once every month or two, which will mean that I actually have to post things that aren't related to the TCWT blog chain, as lovely as it happens to be. The second is that I would like to post some more of my writing, as I think that this is a good place to share poetry and short stories, the former of which I like to think I'm actually decent at. 

But before the actual presentation of poetry, a little bit about my writing. I am a person who does not stay focused very well, and my writing happens in phases of intense creative binges. I'll go for two or three months without writing a single story or poem and then spit out five in a matter of two days. It just depends. Part of why I like poetry is that I absolutely love descriptive language. I also like writing in free verse, because I like the way I can take the rhythm of the piece and just let it flow the way it wants to.

And so, without further ado, I present to you... a poem.

The Dark Rain

The rain brushes the rooftop 
Clouds paint the sky a deep gray 
The sky cracks
Showing the light beyond 
As lightning forks down 
The tapping of the rain 
The pounding of the thunder 
The darkness of the storm 
The light bulbs flicker and darken 
The wind washes through leaves 
Forcing trees to touch their toes 
Visibility is faltering 
Rain coats the window 
The candles are lit 
And they glow on the table 
As I read by the burning light 
Like the sun that’s hiding 
Behind all the clouds 
In a rush hour traffic jam 
Until the roads clear 
And the beams slide around 
Through the leaves 
Reflected in my blue eyes 
Looking out the window for a heartbeat 
Before dimming the candles 
And placing them on the shelf 
To sit patiently for the next dark rain

I would really appreciate it if you would let me know your thoughts in the comments; a writer will only improve with feedback!

Before I sign off, I'd like to mention what I hope the next few months will have in store for my blog. I decided to opt out of the blog chain for February, but I'll be back for March. I also hope to start writing monthly blog posts prompted by Wonderly's monthly theme. I won't be posting too much writing--I get annoyed when people spam their blogs with poem after poem if that's not the intention of the blog--but I'll probably share a handful more.

I really don't know how to end this blog post, so... au revoir?


My apologies for how confusing this post is. I'm currently running on less than four hours of sleep. When this happens, my language gets... garbled? I suppose it's a side effect of being delirious. 


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