Monday, March 25, 2013

A Letter to Caroline

All right, it's blog chain time again. (Actually, this really should be essay-writing time or math-homework-completing time, or even getting-ready-for-dance time, but PROCRASTINATION.) I need to preface this post with a little explanation. As some of you might be aware, there is this genius creation currently on the internet that is known as the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I've been following this brilliant web series from the time the first episode was released last April, and my emotions have become completely attached to it. (Come on, Jane. You can think of something better than "attached". How about "E-6000ed"?) The last episode of this consumer of time, thought, love, and pain is going to be released this Thursday. Therefore, I have been thinking about little else, and now that it is time to write this post, I can think of little else. My instinct for the prompt, "write a letter to an antagonist", was to write to Caroline Lee, the lesser of the two antagonists of this lovely little web-series. Of course, the goody-two-shoes inside of me was screaming, "That's not a book!" But alas, as writers, we are, above all else, storytellers. Whatever format stories come in, we can learn from their strengths and weaknesses and use that to improve our own masterpieces in progress, be it a book, poem, movie, TV show, web series, or comic. (Yeah, I know there's way more, but I don't want to spend time thinking of them.) And so, without further ado, I present to you my letter.

Also, there's some spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

Dear Caroline,

Allow me to take a moment to admire the brilliance that you possess as a character. The depth to which the writers of this web-series create personalities, including your own, is unparalleled to the point where I connect with you like I would a real person.  You motivations are believable, your disposition exquisitely detailed, and, I must say, you strongly resemble a certain beautiful lady known as Jessica Jade Andres.*

Moment over. Now, I offer you something which I guarantee your pride will prohibit you from accepting: my sympathy. This is not to be confused with pity; I do not pity you in the least. But you and I share one very real and terrifying fear: losing the ones we love. I need only slip on your shoes to see overwhelming reason for why you dislike Lizzie so much. You moved into a new town with your brother, and instead of spending time with you, all his attention was focused on the poor girl he had fallen in love with. Sure, Jane was nice enough, and her sister, Lizzie, seemed to be someone you could get along with well--a little wit and sarcasm are always good bonding tools. But then Darcy fell in love with Lizzie instead of you. You were overtaken with jealousy as his eyes followed her every move. I get it, it sucks to have your crush like someone else.

So, you took it upon yourself to get your brother and his best friend away from that family, working up a convoluted web of lies that would make Mrs. Bennet proud. In the meantime, you broke the heart of "The kindest soul on the planet." Really? Low move, Caroline. But this isn't my place to tell you just how very wrong you were; I'm pretty sure you heard all of that from Lizzie, who did end up falling in love with Darcy after all you tried to do. It hurts right now, I'm sure, but remember what's important. There will be other men for you to fall in love with, mark my words.

And Caroline, may I please impress upon you two very important lessons for you to have learned in this process:

1. Taking care of the people you care about entails putting what they want first, not what you want. Even if it means that they're going to get married and have 2.5 children and live in a house with a white picket fence.

2. Don't mess with the Bennet family. Seriously. They're tougher than they look.

So, honey, don't lose hope. You'll be successful, I know you will. Also, Bing is your brother and he really cares about you, so even if he does go off and marry Jane, he'll always want to spend time with you--this is from the perspective of an older sibling.


All right, folks. That's that. Here is the only note for this piece--I think I put all the others in parentheses in the intro. :P

*...who I just found out is from my state. MINNESOTANS REPRESENT!

Check out all the other people in the blog chain this month because they are fabulous! (Almost as fabulous as you, if you read this far!) As always, I really value any constructive criticism--it can only help me get better. So yeah. You're cool.


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